Withdrawal from preschool and refunds

If a child needs to be withdrawn from preschool, one month’s written notice is required. If one month’s prior notice is not given, the monthly tuition fee will be billed to the parent.

Preschool tuition is based on the entire school year. For convenience tuitions are broken down into the same fee quarterly. Tuition fees are the same each quarter regardless of number of program days or holidays for each month.

If a child is withdrawn from the preschool during the school year, no refund will be available unless that place can be filled by another child. The reason for this is that once a place has been allocated, any fees paid by the parent will be used to purchase the necessary materials and resources for that child. Also it covers the running costs of the school, salaries and overheads for example, all costs that have to be shared equally between the number of children in the preschool.

Admission and Infrastructure fees paid are non refundable.

Other refund requests must be submitted in writing for consideration and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The exception for this is the “Money Back Guarantee”. Koolkid guarantees to return 100% of school fee, within 30 days from the day of your child’s enrollment, should you or your child not be satisfied with the quality we provide.

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