It is requested that medication be given before or after school hours whenever possible. Medication will be administered to a child at preschool only when absolutely necessary.

If it is essential that a child receives medication during school hours, there must be a consent form signed by both parents where applicable.

Medicine must come to school in the original container, labelled by a pharmacist or a physician and be handed to the receptionist by the parent.

Appropriate forms must be filled in and signed only by a parent prior to medication being administered

The label must contain the child’s name, physician’s name, pharmacist, medication, dosage, route, frequency, starting date and expiration date if applicable.

Medications having a specific expiration date are not used after the date of expiration. Medication sent in unlabelled containers cannot be administered. Any drug container having a detached excessively soiled or damaged label is returned to the parent for re labelling by the pharmacist.

Any change in the type or dosage of medication must be reported to the teacher immediately and a new set of forms will need to be completed.

If a child has an allergy that requires an epi-pen or has asthma and requires an inhaler, two should be obtained from their doctor and left at school where they will be kept in case of an emergency.

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