Illness and transmittable disease

The problem of communicable disease is prevalent in every group and school. The health of your child is so very important to us and infection control is critical, in this, Koolkid will make no exception.

Parents must make other arrangements for the care of their children when they show symptoms of any deviation from normal health. If a child becomes ill at preschool, the teacher will immediately notify the parents. The child will be kept separated until taken home.

Children will not be permitted at our school with any of the following conditions:

  • Fever of 38.5 degrees celsius (101.2 degrees fahrenheit) or higher, taken under arm (axilla), and if they also have one or more of the following: diarrhoea, earache, shows signs of irritability or confusion, sore throat or rash 
  • Vomiting on three or more occasions within the past 24 hours 
  • Diarrhoea - three or more watery stools in a 24 hour period 
  • Draining rash or undiagnosed rash lasting over a 24 hour period 
  • Eye discharge or pink eye. Children can be readmitted after medical diagnosis to rule out bacterial or viral infection, or at least 24 hours on antibiotic treatment 
  • Open oozing sores and scabs, unless properly covered and has had at least 24 hours on antibiotic treatment.

Parents shall be advised to make alternate plans for care in the event that the child becomes ill and is not able to attend the preschool.

In case of minor injury or accident, the staff will administer basic first aid. All injuries or illnesses not requiring immediate parental notification will be documented and reported to parents when the child departs at the end of the day.

In case of medical injury or illness requiring immediate professional care (emergency), the staff will call for an ambulance, giving location and nature of emergency.

As appropriate, staff will administer CPR and/or first aid measures. Parents will be notified immediately. If parents are unavailable, those individuals designated as emergency phone contacts will be notified. All children must have an emergency medical release form on file in case of such an emergency.

In case of injury or accident, in which an ambulance is not needed, but immediate professional care is required, the staff will contact the parents. If parents are unavailable, those individuals designated as emergency contacts will be notified.

Koolkid staff cannot transport children to a hospital or doctor’s office. Injured children shall be transported for medical aid by parents or by calling for an ambulance.

All children are required to have a yearly physical examination. This data must be included in our health records. Koolkid will provide a medical doctor for this.

If your child is ill and will not attend school, call the school office as soon as possible. In the event that a child becomes acutely ill at school, we will need to contact the parent to collect the child early. The following guidelines are meant to assist parents with the decision to keep their child at home:

  • The child does not feel well enough to participate comfortably in the usual activities of the preschool 
  • The child has any signs or symptoms that indicate a contagious disease or an immediate need for medical evaluation.

The staff cannot care for a sick child without interfering with the care of other children.

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