Visitors Policy

Koolkid wishes to assure all visitors of a warm, friendly and professional welcome to its preschools and settings, whatever the purpose of their visit. Koolkid has a legal duty of care for the health, safety, security and well being of all pupils and staff, as well as other valid and legal users.
This duty of care incorporates the duty to safeguard children from any form of harm, abuse or nuisance. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that this duty is followed at all times.
In performing this duty, Koolkid recognises that there can be no complacency where protection and safeguarding of children procedures are concerned.
Policy therefore requires that ALL VISITORS (without exception) comply with the policy and its requirements, as well as any request made by staff. Failure so to do may result in the visitors escorted departure from the setting.
Koolkid wishes to safeguard all children both during school hours curriculum and any out of school hours activities (field trips for example) which are arranged by the school. The ultimate aim is to ensure that Koolkid preschool children can learn and enjoy in an environment where they are safe from harm.
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