Letter from Philip de Ath, COO

Dear Parent,

You are now a part of our Koolkid family.

Koolkid is not just a preschool it is a way of life. Our vision is unique and so very different from what you have previously known from other schools or what you may even expect us to be.

We hope that after reading our handbook you will see some of what we see and share every day, the excitement, fun and pleasure that each day will bring to you and your child.

Koolkid is the national leader in delivering affordable, top brand, high quality education in new and exciting ways to make future generations of children and their children the unique, confident, assertive, dynamic, successful men and women they will need to be, not only to survive in a fast, ever changing and complex world but to be successful and flourish in it.

That is where we come in, it is the responsibility for all Koolkid staff and the parents to provide an environment that supports and promotes all of the above and more. We want to think outside of the box, to be creative, innovative, share our passion and vision.

So welcome to your new family, welcome to Koolkid! 

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